Perfetto Café holds strongly to its principle of providing premium quality food that is made from scratch, thanks to the imaginative and inquisitive nature of our creative chefs.

Here are what some of our customers had to say of their experience at Perfetto Café.

  • Nick

    Testimonial Form

    Really delicious food, chilled environment

  • Ian B


    Myself and two colleagues were looking for a place to eat near Beech Road and came across this little gem. Let’s be honest, this is not fine dining but what it is is good honest food. A reasonable menu and a fair price. The food was excellent. The fish was cooked perfectly. I really enjoyed it. The staff are pleasant. It’s really worth a visit, I would go again if in that area of the city.

  • Kevin Asbjornson


    I live on Beach Road and often stroll the streets of Kampong Glam and Arab Street looking for those interesting eateries.

    Perfetto Cafe is a pleasant surprise as a cafe offering a unique menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A visit on the weekend is special as the street is blocked to automobiles and you can sit outside under a sun umbrella and enjoy a delicious meal and very good Italian coffee.

    For those visitors looking for variety in bottled, quality beer. Perfetto Cafe has a good selection with very moderate prices.

    The waitstaff are helpful and always happy to serve you as their guest and a complimentary membership is available for frequent visitors.

  • Hoongy


    Hidden Gem

    Located in the Kampong Glam area, Perfetto is a hidden gem that serves really good western food.

    Some items to try are the burgers and the beef steak, but the one item that is a must try here is the lamb rack.  Lots of effort can be seen in the marination of the meat which has a nice herb taste as well as a charred burnt finish to the tender lamb.

    Its a quiet corner so this place is ideal for that quiet date. Service is efficient and friendly.

  • Johnny K.


    I just want to start off by saying that this place has the sweetest staff ever and whatever the owner is paying is not enough. The music is solid with all the major hits from the 90’s. Everyone was having a great time when I walked in. The location could use some color, but has the potential to grow into a major competitor amongst the other restaurants on the street.

    I ordered the popcorn chicken and it was fresh. Actual chopped and breaded chicken from scratch. Not that frozen junk. We ordered fries that came with two types of dipping sauces.

    Atmosphere is quite and clean. Food is fresh and we will be back to see how business has taken off.

  • Cecille Auxtero Garcia


    Excellence – 5 Stars!!

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