Inspired Company, South Eastern Australia

Carbernet Merlot

12 (Glass), 55 (Bottle)


These two varieties are traditionally blended to make a soft wine style yet rich in flavour. Harvested in the cool of the night, you will find the lush currant and blackberry flavours that are so typical of Cabernet Sauvignon dominating the nose and palate. Merlot imparts plums and cherries. The palate is long and soft with clean finish. Enjoy now and be inspiried!

Unoaked Chardonnay

12 (Glass), 55 (Bottle)


Harvested when the grapes achieved optimum ripeness, in the cool of night, so that the peach, melon and zest citrus fruit flavours that typify premium chardonnay are showcased on the nose and palate. Pale straw with green tinges in colour, the palate is light, lively and fresh with a clean and crisp finish. The perfect accompaniment to chicken, seafood and salads.

Little Eden, Mount Annan, Australia

Pinot Noir

13 (Glass), 60 (Bottle)


There’s a cornucopia of black cherry, plum and boysenberry fruit well integrated with rich vanilla bean and cocoa aromas on the nose. This medium bodied wine showcases ripe varietal expressions along with dusty tannins. The savoury finish, reminiscent of charcuterie and green olives, provides an inviting complexity and depth.


60 (Bottle)


Fresh, fruity and vibrant. This Moscato has been made with a little sparkle and zip, to suit the palate and occasion for those looking for fun and adventure. Serve chilled and enjoy with friends and familly.

Scavi & Ray, Veneto, Italy


75 (Bottle)


Scavi & Ray was formed by 2 Italian stock brokers who got tired of Wall Street and came together to start this fashionable brand. Produced in the Veneto area of Northern Italy, it’s light and refreshing taste gained reconigition worldwide in particularly areas of fashion and clubs.

Francoise Chauvenet Lajolie, Burgundy, France

Cabernet Sauvignon

14 (Glass), 65 (Bottle)


The Lajolie Cabernet Sauvignon is a classie example of this famous variety. Its youthful blackcurrant fruit bouquet is matched with mouthfilling velvety flavour on the palate. A perfect food wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

14 (Glass), 65 (Bottle)


Our Lajolie Sauvignon Blanc has a fine pale gold colour. It expresses a rich nose of fresh fruit aromas. It is a dry and crisp wine, whose fruity character is ideal as an aperitif or to serve with fish.


14 (Glass), 65 (Bottle)


The Lajolie Merlot is of a ruby red colour with a fruity bouquet of ripe blackberry. It is full-flavoured and concentrated on the palate demonstrating a nice balance of ripe fruit and an elegant structure. A delicious accompaniment to any meat or pasta dish.

Domaine Bousquet, Mendoza, Argentina


16 (Glass), 75 (Bottle)


Domaine Bousquet combines the know-how of French winemaking with Argentina’s exceptional climate and terroir. The vineyard is located at the foothills of the Andes, at 1200 m.a.s.l. Its thermal amplitude contributes to obtaining fully ripened grapes with an excellent acidity. The grapes are hand-picked and the vineyard is certified organic. This wine has rich intense balckberry aromas with spicy black pepper notes, blackcurrant, and cassis. The palate reveals an elegant personallity with layers of red and black fruits and silky tannins. This wine pairs well with red meat, sauces, cheese and pasta.

Raymond R Collection, Napa Valley, USA

Cabernet Sauvignon

75 (Bottle)


R Collection by Raymond reflects our winery’s deep roots and pioneering sprit in California winemaking with a diverse collection of wines showcasing California’s wineyard bounty. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a red fruit based Cabernet, with flavours of cherry, rhubarb, and red plum with touches of spicy white pepper and vanilla on the finish. Beautifully balanced rich fruit flavours, integrated tannins and a smooth texture.

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